Founded by videogame industry veteran Rich Whitehouse (developer on popular commercial titles such as Soldier of Fortune, Star Wars Jedi Knight II, and Prey), Swinecrafters operates entirely on the idea of creating interesting and unique videogames.

In an industry now dominated by large production teams and videogame designs/concepts that draw the "largest potential profit opportunities", Swinecrafters sets a focus on experimental game mechanics and design structures, with a global emphasis on "substance over glamour".

Our primary goal is to develop videogame titles for any platform which is amenable to our needs. Among these platforms are Windows/PC, iPhone/iPod Touch, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.


Rich Whitehouse
Position: Owner, Gameplay/Technology Programmer, Anything That Needs Doing-er

Rich has shipped half a dozen highly successful commercial videogame titles, in over ten years as a developer/programmer in the videogame industry. His goal is simply to make games that he can enjoy and be proud of, ideally while bringing in enough sales to avoid homelessness and starvation. When not slaving on the Next Big Thing, Rich can usually be found wandering aimlessly through the vast planes of Sierra Vista, and attempting to mimic the behavior of Dirty Harry as well as is legally permissible.

Boris Roosevelt
Position: Public Relations, Voice Talent, Another Man of Many Talents

After many years of cultivating a powerful, versatile, mutually beneficial relationship of manliness with Rich, Boris was entrusted with the important task of managing the Swinecrafters lines of communication with the outside world. In addition to his ability to convince anyone of anything using Soviet coercion techniques, Boris works in the field of neuroscience, and has a history in the world of videogame modding (as a site admin for the still-running Action Half-Life model replacement site).

Hamcubus C. Pig
Position: Terrible Cyborg Pig, Quality Assurance Lead

Hamcubus may appear to be a very happy pig, but this is due to the limited range of motion in his jaw implants. However, this doesn't stop him from bringing happiness to all those that happen by him here at the Swinecrafters home office. Hamcubus enjoys sipping tropical beverages, and giving valuable feedback on future Swinecrafters products.


Brian McClelland
Position: Mapper/Environment Designer
Brian is responsible for giving ground to most of the Corporate Fury world, and laid the very foundation for the game's concept back in his days as a mapper for Half-Life. Perhaps best-known for his contributions to the Half-Life modification, Action Half-Life, Brian has spent much of his spare time mapping, programming, or otherwise dabbling in some form of creative expression, for the better part of the last decade.

Karol David
Position: Character Modeler/Texture Artist
Karol is responsible for most of the character models/textures in Corporate Fury. You can check out her other work on her web site.

Frankie Di Vita
Position: Voice Talent
Frankie contributed her vocal talents to the grunts and yells of Corporate Fury. You can check out her web site here.

Gabrielle Kuholski
Position: Translation/Localization
Gabrielle is a professional in the area of Spanish translation, and is one of the foreign language specialists slated to work on Corporate Fury.

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