Swinecrafters LLC Announces 'Corporate Fury' (for iPhone/iPod Touch)

Swinecrafters LLC is exceptionally pleased, and mildly titillated, to announce the release of our company's first videogame title: 'Corporate Fury'

Corporate Fury is a fast-paced, stylish, third-person 3D action game set in a futuristic dystopia. As a result of environmental contamination, humans are confined to protective structures. Resources are limited, and survival is dictated by powerful, privately-owned companies. The player finds him or herself working at one such company, where the only way to survive... is to fight.

Corporate Fury offers a variety of ground-breaking features, such as:

  • High-quality visuals and fast action, even on low-end devices like the iPhone 3g. Corporate Fury utilizes wholly proprietary technology, and features beautifully lightmapped 3D geometry, with extremely smooth, detailed character lighting.
  • A rocking MP3 sound track, with 13 unique tracks composed just for the game!
  • An easy-to-use, difficult-to-master combat system, which offers hundreds of unique attack combinations, and massive 30+ hit chains!
  • Over 100 unique weapons, items, and abilities are at the player's disposal, along with full character and stat development! Corporate Fury packs a massive gameplay punch-- bigger than you'll find in just about any other iPhone/iPod Touch title.
  • A large world to explore, with no load times, filled with over 100 unique characters to discover, explore, and fight!
  • 35 unlockable award trophies and 3 distinct difficulty settings, which will keep you coming back for hours after you finish the game's main story mode.
  • Quit and resume your game anywhere, anytime - even during in-game cinematics and fights!
  • A launch price of only $1.99! (post-release price is subject to adjustment)

Corporate Fury is available now on the App Store, for iPhone and iPod Touch platforms. It is rated 17+ for realistic violence, profanity, alcohol/tobacco/drug reference, sexually suggestive themes, and unrestrained awesomeness.

Newly-released screenshots and a trailer for Corporate Fury can be found on our company web site, at: http://www.swinecrafters.com/index.php?content=games

About Swinecrafters LLC

Founded by videogame industry veteran Rich Whitehouse (developer on popular commercial titles such as Soldier of Fortune, Star Wars Jedi Knight II, and Prey), Swinecrafters operates entirely on the idea of creating interesting and unique videogames.

In an industry now dominated by large production teams and videogame designs/concepts that draw the "largest potential profit opportunities", Swinecrafters sets a focus on experimental game mechanics and design structures, with a global emphasis on "substance over glamour."

Our primary goal is to develop videogame titles for any platform which is amenable to our needs. Among these platforms are Windows/PC, iPhone/iPod Touch, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

More details on Swinecrafters LLC and Corporate Fury can be found on our company web site: http://www.swinecrafters.com

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